Oregonians can't afford higher housing prices and new costs to local businesses.

But in less than a month, on July 21, the State of Oregon plans to adopt new rules that will create the most sweeping changes to Oregon land-use law in 50 years. 

It's time for Oregonians to take action to keep Oregon affordable. 

Download the Community Resource Guide here. 

The new housing and transportation rules, called Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities rules, aim to reduce Oregon's carbon footprint. This is valuable work. But as drafted, the new rules are also likely to:

  • Increase housing costs for new development

  • Eliminate single-family homes in some neighborhoods 

  • Cause gentrification and displacement in some neighborhoods

  • Disrupt small business operations

  • Reduce visitor parking in key economic centers

  • Limit the types of businesses available in communities

  • Further narrow streets and roadways, causing congestion and restricting access for emergency vehicles

The State says it doesn't want to cause any of these unintended consequences. This means that your voices need to be heard to make sure that the rules...

Are informed by impacted communities, businesses, subject matter experts.

Are reviewed by state and local elected officials.

Do not reduce housing choice, increase housing costs, or limit homeownership.

Do not impact businesses recovering post-pandemic. 

Will not increase congestion and exacerbate our supply chain crisis. 

People For An Affordable Oregon are asking the state to